EXCLUSIVE: Pablo Hernandez and Gaetano Berardi emotional final interview together at Leeds United

In this exclusive, club legends Pablo Hernandez and Gaetano Berardi sit down together at Thorp Arch for a final interview at the club. The duo reflect on their memories at the club, their relationship with the fans, and what it meant to help the club earn promotion to the Premier League.

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  1. Katrina Alton

    Katrina Alton

    7 天 前

    Thank you Pablo Mendez you’re the best

  2. Arry 75

    Arry 75

    8 天 前

    God bless you both and thanks for everything

  3. Tom Leng

    Tom Leng

    9 天 前

    Thank you Bera and Pablo! You got us back to the Premier League after years of trying. You will always be LUFC legends 💪 MOT

  4. Neil Laycock

    Neil Laycock

    10 天 前

    Watching this is very emotional, but that said it shows where leeds united are now!! If people remember only a few years back and then witness this , it's surreal, this amazing family that is leeds united is just gonna get stronger. 💛💙🤍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. MOT..

  5. Charlie Dunlop

    Charlie Dunlop

    11 天 前

    Absolutely nothing average about Bera. A warrior and a teammate for the ages. Perhaps not the flair player in reception of weekly plaudits, but a stalwart in both defense and statistics. An integral piece of, what is now, one of the best teams in Europe. We'll miss the Lion.

  6. Tom Blackfyre

    Tom Blackfyre

    11 天 前

    2035: Leeds United sign new manager Pablo Hernandez alongside head coach Getano Berardi

  7. Ava Dobson

    Ava Dobson

    12 天 前

    I am more sad about Pablo as I met him and played football with him

  8. Ava Dobson

    Ava Dobson

    12 天 前

    Goodbye Pablo and beradi

  9. Mark Glenn

    Mark Glenn

    12 天 前

    Two legends that will never be forgotten.

  10. Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody

    12 天 前

    You never have been, nor ever will be an average Footballer or Man Berra. Thank you for your immense service to this/my/your club. You will never ever be forgotten here at Leeds. Please pick us again if and when you ever get into coaching. God bless bro.

  11. Peter Maurer

    Peter Maurer

    13 天 前

    Berardi must have been tackling his way into the room looking at his socks.

  12. Shanker Bala

    Shanker Bala

    13 天 前

    Lump in my throat watching that interview. May not have played much a role in the Premier League for Leeds this season but by God, there were both instrumental in getting us here. Always a special place in our hearts and Leeds boys forever



    13 天 前

    leeds boys forever will miss them both true legends hope they come back and work for leeds in future on lutv or training staff love you berra love you pablo

  14. AdriancBrizuela


    13 天 前

    I didn't want to cry 😪 Two great football player, warriors and good people.

  15. Daydreamin


    14 天 前

    This is too beautiful to watch. Bless them both great players on and off the pitch, come on leeds!!

  16. Andri Kurniawan

    Andri Kurniawan

    14 天 前

    One of them will be back as a coach someday...

  17. Gary Hillman

    Gary Hillman

    14 天 前

    I think Beradi was the best of a bad bunch that cellino brought over from Italy. N prob the only one worth keeping on !! Antenucci did ok too

  18. Gary Hillman

    Gary Hillman

    14 天 前

    Pablo best Leeds player last 15 years , amazing skills and Beradi biggest heart that man s scared of no man . I remember his first match a bicycle kick landed on the opposition left winger s face 😫,

  19. matty wright

    matty wright

    14 天 前

    Away day in spain next season anyone?

  20. Juice Dogg

    Juice Dogg

    14 天 前

    These 2 💙💛🤍

  21. Theodore McAlindon

    Theodore McAlindon

    14 天 前

    Some boys ❤️ will be greatly missed, but will always have a home in the city 👊

  22. Hone


    14 天 前

    Watching Pablo play for Leeds United was an absolute pleasure. ALAW.

  23. Smitty


    14 天 前

    None of us will forget the amount of work that these two fellas put in for our club. I was working at my pub for their last match, not even joking when I say I saw 10+ grown men in tears/close to tears. Since I was a kid, it was a dream to have my club back in the top league and I honestly can say it would not be possible without these two legends.

  24. Granulated


    14 天 前

    Is there footage of Pabs hugging Marcelo...becuase every clip cuts moments before ?

  25. Mick Walton

    Mick Walton

    15 天 前

    Very Good Vidio Packed with information and passion. Just what I like LEEDS LEEDS.

  26. Siddharth Koirala

    Siddharth Koirala

    15 天 前

    From a Liverpool fan, I absolutely adore the, “give all you have got” attitude from Leeds players. They pour their hearts out on the pitch and any other game that comes after a Leeds game seems boring to watch (except an LFC game of course). Wish them both the best for the future.

  27. Gary Parkin

    Gary Parkin

    15 天 前

    Thank you pablo and gaetano for what you have done for us Leeds gutted that you are leaving but good luck mot alaw

  28. Steve Underwood

    Steve Underwood

    15 天 前

    Sat here lump in my throat what this set of players has done is just remarkable they have given me some of my best moments of following Leeds for 50 years and a few missed heartbeats but that’s just the Leeds way pablo is without doubt the best we have had in 16 years and bera the heart of a lion who would run through a brick wall for Leeds I can’t find the words so I’ll just say to you both thank you and good luck M O T

  29. Tyler Simpson

    Tyler Simpson

    15 天 前

    For me this moment almost feels like a goodbye to the promotion squad. Although there are many players that remain, they were both hugely important in our push for promotion and almost resemble our promotion effort. As they leave, Leeds United move on from the promoted team into the club that will be in and around Europe, as we were always meant to be.

  30. Yorkshires MOT

    Yorkshires MOT

    15 天 前

    With love from 🇸🇬 will miss you both...no words to describe the contribution..ALAW...MOT MOT MOT! EL LOCO 🥰🥰🥰👍

  31. Nautilus1972


    15 天 前

    Super Leeds.

  32. Sean Brennan

    Sean Brennan

    15 天 前


  33. Peter Kehoe

    Peter Kehoe

    15 天 前

    Club legends the both of them. We're going to miss them big time. MOT!

  34. BizzR YT

    BizzR YT

    15 天 前

    Watching Pablo lift that trophy at 9:25 and watching the expressions of players around him when he lifts it just shows how important he was to our club 💛💙

  35. Gordon Linton

    Gordon Linton

    15 天 前

    Thanks for the great memories guys and the help getting us back where we belong. You will always be welcome in Leeds.

  36. Blacknight1812


    15 天 前

    great servants and so humble about the Leeds careers. I will miss them both, good luck guys. MOT.

  37. Henry Wilson

    Henry Wilson

    15 天 前

    Anyone else notice beras sock

  38. Mick Farnell

    Mick Farnell

    15 天 前

    Bera opitamises Leeds United . Will always be a legend . I think I speak for all Leeds fans we wish him the best and thank you . And Pablo a special player a magician . Watched him many times in South stand change games . Wish we had him when he was younger !!! But again thank you and wish you all the best ! Alaw 👏👏👏👏👏

  39. Al Zheimer.

    Al Zheimer.

    15 天 前

    If Gaetano thinks leeds fans may remember him less than Pablo then he is in for a BIG shock whenever he returns to Elland Road! He'll be treated like a KING. Beradi was part of a great leeds team that played fantastic football for three seasons and romped to promotion! He'll never be forgotten and he'll always be loved. If you read this Gaetano i'm telling you 100% when you come back to leeds you will recieve the biggest welcome you can imagine! And you were never 'average'! Games when you played and we lost were rare and that says a lot. Plus you gave everything in all games you played. That is some effort and not many players can achieve that. So average? No way! You are always Leeds now so welcome to our family! : )

  40. Prince Dizzy

    Prince Dizzy

    15 天 前

    Thank you, both legends forever mot!

  41. Remote Darren

    Remote Darren

    15 天 前

    Someone’s cutting bloody onions! 🧅 Gutted both are leaving the club but we will never forget them.

  42. Firus Phonics

    Firus Phonics

    16 天 前

    Your Leeds forever and you know you are!!!

  43. Chrisiesta86


    16 天 前

    Pablo, Bera, thank you 💛💙💛💙

  44. C H

    C H

    16 天 前

    Beradi to you, good health and fortune i will never forget you beradi a leeds utd player. Pablo also the same applys a leeds utd player never forget.

  45. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson

    16 天 前

    Can we get a well done to the referee and Kyle Bartley too. The right respect shown, time given for a proper goodbye a great all round moment obviously tinged with sadness

  46. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson

    16 天 前

    Thank you Pablo for the goals the passes for every wave of the wand. Gaetano thank you for the near heart attack every time you went in for a tackle! The last of the hard hitting all or nothing full blooded defenders willing to put his body on the line time after time. Legends both MOT

  47. Ben Denton

    Ben Denton

    16 天 前

    I'm gutted couldn't be there to say goodbye as well lads. Thank you berardi and thank you Pablo xxx

  48. frances737


    16 天 前

    You should do one of those 'every angle' vids for their substitutions on Sunday. Would be about 5 hours long but i know I'd watch it all 😂

  49. cdleedsfan


    16 天 前

    Of course Bera's socks are muddy

  50. Sam697


    16 天 前

    Berra's tribute to Pablo was so heartfelt 😌 2 outstanding men! It will be interesting to follow their careers from now

  51. Cristina Mazza

    Cristina Mazza

    16 天 前

    Gracias a todos, menos a Bielsa?

  52. Kev McNally

    Kev McNally

    16 天 前

    This club keeps producing legends. MOT



    16 天 前

    So proud of these 2 players proud to be Leeds , thanks for the memories but been going to elland rd since 78 and seen long serving Leeds legends come and go, it’s not nice but progression is key and these things are inevitable but still sad when it happens...Thanks lads forever Leeds united 🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧

  54. Rama lufc

    Rama lufc

    16 天 前

    One player with amazing ability and one with amazing commitment equals 2 great players epitomising Leeds and what football should be about. Great to see but life moves on for them and for Leeds.

  55. Splarg


    16 天 前

    I'm not crying, you're crying!

  56. Filmone Waldeab

    Filmone Waldeab

    16 天 前

    Players come and go but legends are forever.

  57. steve LUFC64

    steve LUFC64

    16 天 前

    We love berra for his ferocious tackles and Pablo for his extra magic but both because they bought into Leeds emotionally and that's what makes them legends mot the lion and the magician

  58. Leo Dragon

    Leo Dragon

    16 天 前

    Impossible to be dry-eyed after that. And Bera was NEVER average. He was one of the few Cellino-era players who came with Serie A pedigree and always put side before self. Thank you Bera and Pablo. Forever Leeds legends.

  59. Shane Chase

    Shane Chase

    16 天 前

    There’s got to be a testimonial for these two very humble legends,they need a proper send off in front of a full elland road.💙💛💙💛ALAW

  60. robbie saddleton

    robbie saddleton

    16 天 前

    Every coming new signing should watch this video to understand what it means to play for this special club. Thank you to them both for all they have done.



    16 天 前


  62. stu


    16 天 前

    Without them we wouldn't have got back to the prem. Hats off to the both off them, but we all get old. If I got news that one of them was coming back to Elland Road to watch a match I would be first in line for a ticket

  63. Martin Roberts

    Martin Roberts

    16 天 前

    Great thanks someone crying and it's not my son 😭

  64. Paul Jabs

    Paul Jabs

    16 天 前

    2 great servants of our wonderful club !! ..... Thanks boys....for bringing us back where we belong...MOT..

  65. Jake Halford

    Jake Halford

    16 天 前

    Legends will never be forgotten, pablo is the best player to have played for leeds in a long time he will only be appreciated in years to come when we look back on the him, and berardi is the type of man everyone would want there daughter to marry absolute gent

  66. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith

    16 天 前

    The end of this had me all choked up. Announced a Pablo and Berra co-managerish 2030!

  67. menon jaya

    menon jaya

    16 天 前

    Why are they leaving

  68. Toby Hutter

    Toby Hutter

    16 天 前

    The Lion and The Wizard , I don’t think they know how much they mean to us. I hope we can show them one day

  69. Jake Williamson

    Jake Williamson

    16 天 前

    Berardi needs to wash his socks😂

    • Stephen Cahill

      Stephen Cahill

      16 天 前

      Out of all this emotional 😢 legends interview you talk about socks, (sad)

  70. Jacob Anderson

    Jacob Anderson

    16 天 前

    Berardi says that we 'like average players like him that give everything and magic players like Pablo'. He is right, Berardi optimises what we Leeds fans wanted to see. After years of absolutely terrible football, and players who seemed like they didn't care, he was one of the key players that gave absolutely everything whenever he was on the pitch. It is one of the things that allowed the fans and the city to become more connected to the club and the players again. Farewell to both. Legends.

  71. Beech


    16 天 前

    I’m not crying, you’re crying. 😭

  72. Bone-No Hewson

    Bone-No Hewson

    16 天 前

    Heros. Thank you for all the the hard work and joy you brought to our club. You will both never be forgotten! We all hope you come back with major coaching skills!!! MOT

  73. Pesadilla De la lata

    Pesadilla De la lata

    16 天 前

    Un concejo para las proximas entrevista si se pudiera traducir al español o subtitularlas al español sería buenisimo...🖒💙💛💙

  74. Robert Sampson

    Robert Sampson

    16 天 前

    Not all heroes wear capes , absolute legends, thank you both, alaw mot

  75. Craig Havice

    Craig Havice

    16 天 前

    Got lots of love for these boys ....thank you both

  76. legohair


    16 天 前

    im not crying, you're crying

  77. Paul Clive

    Paul Clive

    16 天 前

    Beradi a class player, Lb, Rb, Cb.. type who'll play anywhere. Perfect player.

  78. Lufc 1919

    Lufc 1919

    16 天 前


  79. Maureen Tait

    Maureen Tait

    16 天 前

    You both give us our dream come true.. Supporters carnt thank you enough. We wish you both could stay!!!!

  80. Paul Clive

    Paul Clive

    16 天 前

    Gutted, would've give pablo a coaching role for youngster to learn from.

  81. babadook 1769

    babadook 1769

    16 天 前

    Anything but average bera once leeds always leeds 💙💛💙

  82. Douglas Lancaster

    Douglas Lancaster

    16 天 前

    Berra to Castellon!!!!

  83. jordan miller

    jordan miller

    16 天 前

    Pablo, future manager!

  84. Joe D'Imperio

    Joe D'Imperio

    16 天 前

    Pablo and Bera 💙💛

  85. John Holt

    John Holt

    16 天 前

    Both great servants will always be great Leeds players.

  86. susan thompson

    susan thompson

    16 天 前

    Oh my wonderful boys yet again crying bucket loads of tears. I shall miss U both so much but Pablo my heart is broken💔 and I don't think it will ever b intact. I'm gutted and don't know how to deal with it. I love u guys

  87. James Holland

    James Holland

    16 天 前

    It’s such a shame these two couldn’t stay on to mentor and guide the next generation. Pablos vision and skill, Bera’s passion and determination will both be hard to replace. Thank you for everything, true legends 🤍💙💛

  88. Blinkyfish


    16 天 前


  89. Marcos Olegario Báez López

    Marcos Olegario Báez López

    16 天 前

    I wonder who the 5 people who voted thumbs down are.

    • John Holt

      John Holt

      16 天 前

      Probably scum “supporters” from Surrey just saw their “team” lose on penalties on pay per view TV to little Villarreal and can’t cope.

  90. Drew Foster

    Drew Foster

    16 天 前


  91. PATRICK Mckay

    PATRICK Mckay

    16 天 前

    Brilliant Players both worth any money ask for them. They will transform another club/s. Team players and citizens of Leeds freemen and heroes.

  92. Andrew Teece

    Andrew Teece

    16 天 前

    Just lovely. I’ve been a Leeds fan for over 30 years, so just savouring every moment at present

  93. Garry Maltby

    Garry Maltby

    16 天 前

    Both will always be remembered for what they gave us. Our place back in the Premiership with there 100% commitment. Legends the both of you. MOT

  94. Lufc 2310

    Lufc 2310

    16 天 前


  95. weeder fish

    weeder fish

    16 天 前

    Thanks for the service and the memories lads, all the best MOT

  96. Atma Ghost

    Atma Ghost

    16 天 前

    Nothing but love ❤️

  97. No Name

    No Name

    16 天 前

    Champions for the club on the field. We welcome you as beloved fans forever ❤

  98. baz frearson

    baz frearson

    16 天 前

    Missed seeing you boys play LOADS this season. Pablo I love ya nutmegs, ya goals & the way ya rinse opponents. Sublime. Majestic. Barardi, you wasn’t born r kid, ya was quarried on the Yorkshire moors from York Stone & granite, shipped to Switzerland only to return one day as one of r own! I love the way ya would bleed fe ya shirt every game, literally usually! Ya remind me of the Mighty Don Revies Squad & The Mighty Bremners. Ya typify the traditional Leeds style of play. I wouldn’t wanna be on the wrong side of a tackle from ya 💯❗️Think ya probably the only player who could fit into those teams of the 70s, & hold ya own physically. I miss ya never say die attitude & the way ya refuse to change. Good on ya. It’s sad ya both leaving, but ya part of promotion history. Bin wonderful watching ya both. Two of the greats of that era. Both sooo humble. Love ya fe it. Ya two of r own! Remember ya can tek the fella outta Yorkshire, but never Yorkshire outta the fella. You’ll ALWAYS be 2 of R own. Best wishes fe ya future endeavours & hope it’s kind to ya. Good health. Respect like concrete. MOT Always. Marcelo Bielsa’s Blue & White Army! Barardi post ya favourite play list fe me plz fella. Peace.



    16 天 前

    Both will be a loss and will always be remembered for the dedication they both gave to Leeds United Football Club

  100. Chris Sheldon

    Chris Sheldon

    16 天 前

    Thank you for everything you both will always be welcome here, we love you, once again thanks for everything and good luck in the future, MOT