Spotlight | Mateusz Klich scores and bosses the midfield | Burnley 0-4 Leeds United

A focus on Mateusz Klich as the Polish midfielder was in inspired form at Turf Moor, scoring a goal and controlling the midfield for Leeds United in our 4-0 win over Burnley in the Premier League. Presented by AMT Autos.

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  1. grekunio28


    24 天 前

    I do not remember if he was called up to the national team for the European Championship.



    25 天 前

    Lets go Leeds days!💥💥💥

  3. Leo Dragon

    Leo Dragon

    25 天 前

    So pleased for him. He’s come in for a lot of stick since Christmas and that goal will do wonders for his confidence. He’s still great for us in the middle and clearly needed a break, having played pretty much every game for two and a half years. ALAW.

  4. Analyse


    25 天 前


  5. ttam 12

    ttam 12

    25 天 前

    One of my favourite Leeds players in my lifetime. Remember getting to a game very early once and watched him and Kalv ping 30 balls to each other. Knew we were in safe hands and they both delivered in spades.

  6. Joseph Threapleton

    Joseph Threapleton

    25 天 前

    klich quality...leeds phenomenal!!! MOT LOVE YOU LADS

  7. Kane


    26 天 前

    polish lampard

  8. Betty Swollocks

    Betty Swollocks

    26 天 前

    Made up for Klichy. Welcome back.

  9. Dan Paton

    Dan Paton

    26 天 前

    Vintage Klich 🤩

  10. LM


    26 天 前

    Crap video transitions.

  11. the leeds

    the leeds

    26 天 前

    Harrison reaction is priceless

  12. 88 Leeds

    88 Leeds

    26 天 前

    KLICHY! KLICHY!! Klich: Nope.

  13. Gebser


    26 天 前

    Nice footage; I like the ending: Not a big deal - job's done :)

  14. Laura Brewer

    Laura Brewer

    26 天 前

    Could be 20 yards 30 yards. 👏👏

  15. Mavis Coils

    Mavis Coils

    26 天 前

    Back on form great stuff 👌👍👏👏👏👏

  16. Bob Hope

    Bob Hope

    26 天 前

    Back to the way he was mot

  17. Glen M

    Glen M

    26 天 前

    What a goal that is. Totally controlled shot virtually passed in from distance. Well done Mateusz

    • Mike Whitaker

      Mike Whitaker

      26 天 前

      Also notice who has the initial 1-2 with Raphinio on his backside at the start of the move. Both of them cover the pitch, box to box, for that goal.

  18. Kev McNally

    Kev McNally

    26 天 前

    Harrison "Pass it left" Oh wait lol

  19. Danny Bowden

    Danny Bowden

    26 天 前

    Get in there Klichy lad! So happy for you to get on the scoresheet and have another good game. MOT

  20. Eduardo Daniel Alonso

    Eduardo Daniel Alonso

    26 天 前

    Congratulations, Mateusz Klich!

  21. Granulated


    26 天 前

    Klichy's back !!

    • O. Bin Wheelie

      O. Bin Wheelie

      26 天 前

      Actually mate he's just been given leave to go on holiday

    • ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

      ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

      26 天 前

      Klichy's back !!

  22. Mark W

    Mark W

    26 天 前

    I like him taking the shot on, has good positional movement and a decent strike in him

    • Mark W

      Mark W

      26 天 前

      @LeedsLeedsLeeds aren't we all? 🤨🤨🤨

    • LeedsLeedsLeeds


      26 天 前

      What are you a scout or something

    • Jake Snow

      Jake Snow

      26 天 前

      High level of intelligence to use the defender as a shield like that as well, obscuring Peacock-Farrell's view.

  23. Joffy_44


    26 天 前


  24. Bukanrastaman


    26 天 前