Illan Meslier: BEST SAVES of 2020/21 Premier League season

Watch the best saves from Leeds United’s lllan Meslier as the young France goalkeeper impressed for Whites during the 2020/21 Premier League season, helping the club finish 9th. He became the first goalkeeper under the age of 21 to record eight clean sheets in a single Premier League season.

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  1. Leandro Martinez

    Leandro Martinez

    4 天 前

    Buen arquero...potencial terrible

  2. Grogan 92

    Grogan 92

    5 天 前

    What a great kid... What a future he's got...

  3. dan iel

    dan iel

    5 天 前

    Arquerazo !!!

  4. Kaspa kasparov

    Kaspa kasparov

    5 天 前

    The French firewall ..

  5. Emaj


    6 天 前

    Could have made a ten minute vid

  6. paul woodward

    paul woodward

    6 天 前

    My player of the season a class act

  7. Slabe0098


    6 天 前

    Meslier is the next Neuer i feel...

  8. mmm2137


    6 天 前

    uszatek jest giga koxem

  9. Antü Salvador

    Antü Salvador

    6 天 前


  10. C Maxwell

    C Maxwell

    6 天 前

    Well done. Really impressive, keep up the good work 💪

  11. Bowie Doctor

    Bowie Doctor

    7 天 前

    One of our players of the season

  12. Osman Alud

    Osman Alud

    7 天 前

    In Bielsa we trust

  13. SuPeRsTrAiGhT


    8 天 前

    Not just our No1, but arguably the world No1. MOT

  14. BigSocks


    8 天 前


  15. Charlie McAdoo

    Charlie McAdoo

    8 天 前

    Rising through the ranks (Abnormally fast)

  16. GetTheFEKIR


    8 天 前

    What was that like an 1/8 of his best saves? So many more he has been priceless

  17. Hugh Silberrad

    Hugh Silberrad

    9 天 前

    C'est super! Allez Meslier. MoT.

  18. ExpectingGore 99

    ExpectingGore 99

    9 天 前


  19. Ryan lufc

    Ryan lufc

    9 天 前

    My keepa💙💛🤍

  20. Dan Stobart

    Dan Stobart

    9 天 前

    Special player he is awesome and will only get better! So glad he’s ours! ALAW MOT🙌

  21. Matias laurance Castillo muñoz

    Matias laurance Castillo muñoz

    9 天 前

    Cecilio meslier un muro

  22. John Matthews

    John Matthews

    9 天 前

    I feel I dontvthink he deserved to be dropped in place of kiko for the last 2 games ok kiko played well but illan has been solid all season just because of some long balls he dropped I don't agree with that at all I don't rate kiko at all I prefer a better no 13 in all honesty

  23. Jamie Oglethorpe

    Jamie Oglethorpe

    9 天 前

    I am really impressed by his improvement over the last season. Other teams targeted him for his perceived weakness in a crowded penalty box, Leeds' purported weakness against free kicks. He has come to dominate his box. I reckon that Leeds could challenge for a European place next season because of this improvement.

  24. jyoti prokash

    jyoti prokash

    9 天 前

    This man was supposed to be included in les blues...he is better than mandanda

    • Tiny Doc

      Tiny Doc

      8 天 前


  25. Michiko Boris

    Michiko Boris

    9 天 前

    He deserves to start at the Euros

    • Tiny Doc

      Tiny Doc

      8 天 前

      No he doesn't you deluded fool

  26. Christian Simons

    Christian Simons

    9 天 前

    Great young goalkeeper!! Greetings from Peru.

  27. TJOO


    9 天 前

    He's brilliant, what a talent. Not enough is also about his composure, control of the ball at his feet and his distribution. In my view he's right up there with the likes of Ederson. Most EPL keepers are shit with the ball at their feet and this guy is among the best at such a young age.

  28. Ad Man

    Ad Man

    9 天 前

    Wonder why his name wasn't even floated for France Euros team.

    • Tiny Doc

      Tiny Doc

      8 天 前

      Because there are better French keepers

  29. sub39h


    9 天 前

    Didn’t we pay £5m for him? We absolutely robbed someone.

  30. Les


    9 天 前

    £5.000000 what a bargain of the season buy. Great goalie can only get better with Leeds fantastic season onwards and upwards ALAW MOT

  31. Malignat Tumors

    Malignat Tumors

    9 天 前

    Come to Barca

  32. Lucca


    9 天 前

    Upcoming best goalie in professional football, move over Neuer, Ter Stegen.

    • Tiny Doc

      Tiny Doc

      8 天 前


  33. Russell Stewart

    Russell Stewart

    9 天 前

    Too good🔥

  34. Rodolfo Canepa

    Rodolfo Canepa

    9 天 前

    Hi Mr Illan Meslier: A humble advice if I may from the bottom of my heart. If you avoid the unforced errors, you will be the Best Goalkeeper of the Premier League !!!! Best Wishes from 🇦🇷 for Season 2021/22💪💪

    • gavin watson

      gavin watson

      6 天 前

      Forget the premier mate, that goes without saying…just know France are going to be very difficult to doubts

  35. BossTaco


    9 天 前

    Such an amazing talent. Glad he got nominated for young player of the season. 100% deserved

  36. Fusco Fabio

    Fusco Fabio

    9 天 前

    Es mentira que Illan tiene 21 años, es como Benjamin Button, tiene 43 años como Gianluigi Buffon, pero aparenta tener 21, ja ja ja... UN CRACK !!!!!

  37. Len VDL

    Len VDL

    9 天 前

    Some of these saves were surefire goals. His reflexes are amazing! He can improve a bit on his positioning and at crosses but let's be real, the lad is 21 and he played in the toughest league in the world. He was a top 3-5 keeper this season in the Prem at such a young age.

  38. theonlywayisthis


    9 天 前

    I'm very happy that everyone agrees on how good of a keeper he is. He's superb, and will carry on going from strength to strength (as long as we keep our coaching staff in place etc) but, he's developed wonderfully this season and I feel 100% safe with him in goal. The last keeper I've felt this safe with a GK is probably Rob Green, but that was only for 1 season! Hopefully Mes will be sticking around for the long run.

  39. Joseph Threapleton

    Joseph Threapleton

    9 天 前

    what a keeper superb MOT

  40. Pastor Yosua Riva

    Pastor Yosua Riva

    9 天 前

    His reflect as level as pickford,ddg. Hope next seasons he Will more Amaze again

  41. Steve Brown

    Steve Brown

    9 天 前

    Going to be French number 1 within a year and will be best keeper in Premiership within two years. An amazing talent. We need to offer him a five year deal now to secure his services.

    • Ben Turner

      Ben Turner

      8 天 前

      @Tiny Doc well luckily he's 21. So he's got plenty of time. He could have another 18 years in the game..... So I don't think you'd want to bet against him would you?

    • Tiny Doc

      Tiny Doc

      8 天 前

      Deluded the Lille gk will be the next French number 1 after lloris and he won't be the best gk in the prem next 2 years lol

  42. IAN. Blackwood,Gwent. Wales / GB

    IAN. Blackwood,Gwent. Wales / GB

    9 天 前

    Félicitations ....⚽️

  43. Thomas Lloyd

    Thomas Lloyd

    9 天 前

    Mais Non!

  44. Aniket Ghara

    Aniket Ghara

    9 天 前

    top lad..getting better day by day

  45. Lewis Aspden

    Lewis Aspden

    9 天 前

    Best Leeds keeper since I realised wrestling is fake in 2011

  46. Sulistrio


    9 天 前

    Why he not calling for france? He deserve it i think

  47. Karan Malhotra

    Karan Malhotra

    9 天 前

    GO LEEDS..From India

  48. Juan Perez

    Juan Perez

    9 天 前

    Leeds will be next Champions League.

    • Tiny Doc

      Tiny Doc

      8 天 前


  49. A S

    A S

    9 天 前

    Been amazing this season pulled of great saves

  50. steve LUFC64

    steve LUFC64

    9 天 前

    Save against sheff u was best save of season for me

  51. Andrew Turner

    Andrew Turner

    9 天 前

    Teams will be fighting for him in one more seasons time!! Rediculous talent!

  52. Atma Ghost

    Atma Ghost

    9 天 前

    Scary how much he must be worth now..

  53. Ronald Wilkin

    Ronald Wilkin

    9 天 前

    For someone so young he’s coming on brilliantly MOT

  54. AFC Sunlessland

    AFC Sunlessland

    9 天 前

    Wow amazing saves from Meslier. From Sunderland fan

  55. Dean Shepherd

    Dean Shepherd

    9 天 前

    This kid is amazing,what a bargain.

  56. OmniXenO


    9 天 前

    Khabib Meslier 😜💛💙

  57. martin Francis

    martin Francis

    9 天 前

    My keeper

  58. thesmithselvis


    9 天 前

    A great young keeper, with a great attitude. He gets what it means to be Leeds too.

  59. fred bloggs

    fred bloggs

    9 天 前

    His best save is not on this video. To me the best one was him stopping an own goal v Liverpool in the opening game of the season

  60. coastie1961


    9 天 前

    Please let us keep him for the next 10 years at least. Mes is going to be one of the greats. Some day someone will come in with silly money, just hope we have a replacement.

    • Rasydan Ramdan

      Rasydan Ramdan

      8 天 前

      @O.L MOT elia caprile? isn't it

    • O.L MOT

      O.L MOT

      9 天 前

      Had a mate a few years ago see one of the goalkeeper coaches in a pub and he said Caprile was the best at the club but he’s not old enough. So hopefully he’s a good replacement if meslier does ever leave

  61. M A

    M A

    9 天 前

    Frances future number 1 🔥

  62. Danny Bulgin

    Danny Bulgin

    9 天 前

    This guy is off to the top. The next Courtois

  63. Chizzy B

    Chizzy B

    9 天 前

    Top stopper and will only get better in time

  64. russell elwick

    russell elwick

    9 天 前

    Show me a better save than his against Sheffield United this season, ill wait .....

    • Matthew Bell

      Matthew Bell

      9 天 前

      You're in for a long wait. Brilliant reflex save.

    • Matthew Bell

      Matthew Bell

      9 天 前

      You're in for a long wait. Brilliant reflex save.

    • Dino


      9 天 前

      Absolutely 💯per cent

  65. Dragon Effect

    Dragon Effect

    9 天 前

    Terms of actual 1 v 1 shot stopping I think he's absolutely class, I have total confidence in him against an attacker face on. Best keeper we've had since Martyn/Robinson imo, I'd take him over Kasper

  66. Fraser Nicol

    Fraser Nicol

    9 天 前

    One of those has to win save of the season! Outstanding season!

    • O. Bin Wheelie

      O. Bin Wheelie

      9 天 前

      @james cavanagh no Southampton one in this video, you on about the Sheff U one?

    • Matthew Bell

      Matthew Bell

      9 天 前

      Sheff Utd away for me

    • james cavanagh

      james cavanagh

      9 天 前

      The Southampton one for me.

  67. TD5


    9 天 前

    terrific goalkeeper

  68. Kamen Greaves

    Kamen Greaves

    9 天 前

    Been amazing, let’s hope he doesn’t have to face as many shots next year though 😂

    • La frappe de Pataya

      La frappe de Pataya

      8 天 前

      El Hadji Diouf the best player in Leeds history

    • Ad Man

      Ad Man

      9 天 前

      We had a good defensive line. But its pretty natural for sides to find a way to break through in the Prem when you coming out of Championship.

    • Leon Meyers

      Leon Meyers

      9 天 前

      Those shots made him shine. People accept him as a good keeper because he proved himself out there.

  69. Martin Becerra oyarzun

    Martin Becerra oyarzun

    9 天 前

    excellent goalkeeper .. great team in general .. I watched all the games from Chile ❤🇨🇱❤⚽️

  70. adam pickford

    adam pickford

    9 天 前

    He’s just crazyyyyyyyyyy

  71. Matthew Wassell

    Matthew Wassell

    9 天 前


  72. azulycrema17


    9 天 前

    Hi Leeds my dad likes this team

    • Mizx


      7 天 前

      @Fastyaveit true👍

    • Fastyaveit


      9 天 前

      Your dad is a great man :)

  73. Steven grime Rose

    Steven grime Rose

    9 天 前

    Gunna be a right keeper soon when he cuts out the silly mistakes ALAW 💙💛💙

  74. King- Khan-Playz

    King- Khan-Playz

    9 天 前