Spotlight | A farewell to legends Pablo Hernandez and Gaetano Berardi | Leeds United 3-1 WBA

We shine the Spotlight on club legends Pablo Hernandez and Gaetano Berardi in their final game for Leeds United. Both starred in our 3-1 win over West Brom in the Premier League as the duo bid farewell to the fans. Presented by AMT Autos.

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  1. Димитър Апостолов

    Димитър Апостолов

    16 天 前

    Absolute legends! Berra Lion, Pablo El Magico

  2. Zeta Zaku

    Zeta Zaku

    16 天 前

    That one last nutmeg will be remembered forever 👏🏼

  3. Beech


    16 天 前

    You can totally understand Pablo’s tears. The guy understands football and the game better than pretty much everyone else. El Mago. His brain is still on a different level and always will be. Shame time catches up with you. I’d have still given him a 10 year extension though. MOT.

  4. sub39h


    17 天 前

    I’m not crying. You are.

  5. Λάζαρος Πολυμενάκος

    Λάζαρος Πολυμενάκος

    17 天 前

    LU thanks for a wonderful season upon returning to premier league! Keep up the good work!

  6. Mr P

    Mr P

    17 天 前

    This is 5 days later and I still seem to have dust in my eyes

  7. Mark W

    Mark W

    17 天 前

    2 fantastic professional lads, we were honoured to have them play for us. Fare well and best wishes for their future.

  8. Leo Dragon

    Leo Dragon

    17 天 前

    So glad they both got a proper send-off. Legends.

  9. Marcelo Rojas

    Marcelo Rojas

    17 天 前

    Gracias Pablo y berardi

  10. Bremner's Ghost

    Bremner's Ghost

    17 天 前

    Wish they had signed on for another Season. Legends!!



    17 天 前

    Wow that was emotional AF!!!! 😔

  12. Gary Parkin

    Gary Parkin

    17 天 前

    Thank you pablo and gaetano



    17 天 前

    Que pena que no lo dejaron jugar este último año y mentían diciendo que estaba lesionado...

  14. El Salvador14

    El Salvador14

    17 天 前

    We love you pablo and bera. Never forget pablo's goal againt Swansea.

  15. Supernova Leftover

    Supernova Leftover

    17 天 前

    They came to Leeds when we were down, but left when we were flying and if were being honest, without them we'd probably still be in the Championship. The love we have for them and the songs we sing will echo through the ages.

  16. Blacknight1812


    17 天 前

    both great servants to the club, thank you for the memories, good luck for the future. we will miss them both.

  17. Hossein Goleij

    Hossein Goleij

    17 天 前

    Im from Iran and I'm iranian leeds fan Thanks Pablo Thanks berardi

  18. Bob Hope

    Bob Hope

    17 天 前

    Both legends who will always be remembered mot

  19. OmniXenO


    17 天 前


  20. Graham Holmes

    Graham Holmes

    17 天 前

    Farewell too two of the new Leeds legends 👏💛💙🦁🧙 Oh & Bamford needs to practice receiving the ball with his right foot 🦶🤣

  21. IskandarSams


    18 天 前

    Deserve somewhat a Statue for both especially Berardi. Stayed with the team from 14/15 and 16/17 till become Champions and Top 10 in the PL Gonna miss these 2 legendary players.

  22. James 84

    James 84

    18 天 前


  23. matt w

    matt w

    18 天 前

    I still cant believe I wont see pablo in a leeds shirt again. Thank you for the memories and good luck to both players in whatever you do next. Now alioski sign a new contract.

  24. Nize Leeds

    Nize Leeds

    18 天 前


  25. Leeds United John

    Leeds United John

    18 天 前

    They are both Legends

  26. Kenshiro


    18 天 前

    See you at your testimonials in a few years boys after we've won the Prem and the FA Cup.

  27. Maureen Tait

    Maureen Tait

    18 天 前

    Goodbye to these two wonderful players who we will miss so much.. Thank you so much for your service to Leeds utd..

  28. Daniel O'Neil-Griffith

    Daniel O'Neil-Griffith

    18 天 前

    Pablo hernandez el magico the man who in leeds darkest hours showed true class and skill and the lion berardi a man who let’s be honest was a cult hero he’d come off that pitch black and blue before giving up. Farewell to two legends

  29. Osman Alud

    Osman Alud

    18 天 前

    Marcelo Bielsa Marcelo Bielsa orgullo latino maestro integridad honor honestidad y dedicación de un GRANDE In Bielsa we trust

  30. analog kid

    analog kid

    18 天 前

    When they turn the pages of history-a farewell to two kings.

    • Ilton White

      Ilton White

      16 天 前

      When these days have passed long ago, we will think of this with sadness because Pablo and Berardi had to go.

  31. Philip Anderson

    Philip Anderson

    18 天 前

    Cummon everyone let's give pablo an berra a send off let's get an unbelievable amount of likes 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  32. morph640


    18 天 前

    Loved watching both players . Except when Berardi was kicking someone in the head 😂😂

  33. Danny Envy

    Danny Envy

    18 天 前

    Pablo will always be remembered at Elland Road, He's like the new age Bremner minus the attitude 😂

    • Matthew Bell

      Matthew Bell

      17 天 前

      Nope he's the Spanish Strachan...

    • Mr Stamp

      Mr Stamp

      17 天 前

      Sorry fella no one alive is the new age Mr Bremner am guessing your quite young. MOT

  34. Jack 123

    Jack 123

    18 天 前


    • kelvin chong

      kelvin chong

      17 天 前

      I am from Singapore. Been supporting the team since the 70s. Amazing to see how the team has been transform since The Messiah came on board.



    18 天 前

    All the best Pablo in ur endeavor

  36. Jay S

    Jay S

    18 天 前

    We love you Pablo 💛💙💛💙 we will miss you and berardi 💛💙💛💙