Jack Harrison: BEST GOALS, ASSISTS, SKILLS | 2020/21 Premier League season

Watch the best skills, assists and goals from Leeds United’s Jack Harrison from the 2020/21 Premier League season. Harrison impressed fans with eight goals and eight assists he helped the club finish ninth in our first Premier League season for 16 years.

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  1. roberto carletti

    roberto carletti

    15 小时 前

    Otro de los titanes del Leeds, ....lo tendremos en la prxima temporada? ojala que si, es un jugadorazo....VAMOS LEEDS CARAJOOO...

  2. Padova unico amore

    Padova unico amore

    天 前

    HARRISON Is a top player.. i like It, He can play for a italian top club..💪💪💪

  3. arjun R Nair

    arjun R Nair

    天 前

    He would have included in euro team instead of sterling

  4. david kay

    david kay

    天 前

    The way bamford lays of to Harrison he apittamises every thing that's good about football ( team before self every time ) the Bielsa way

  5. S Kumar Gourab

    S Kumar Gourab

    天 前

    Bgm is really good.... anyone knows the name ???.. mention it

  6. Sean Cook

    Sean Cook

    天 前

    Immense player. So glad we have him.

  7. Carlx


    天 前

    2 minutes is too short :(

  8. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson

    天 前

    Jack “I only score bangers” Harrison

  9. Negro Dante

    Negro Dante

    天 前

    que seria de la vida de estos jugadores si no se hubieran topado con Bielsa

  10. Jon Kahuna

    Jon Kahuna

    天 前

    Jackie Maradonna is in the house!

  11. Chika bambonu

    Chika bambonu

    天 前

    Song pls

  12. LogicPak


    天 前

    Plays and looks like Harry Kewell.

  13. John Martin

    John Martin

    天 前

    Some player this kid. His first touch is incredible. If I ever fell out of a plane I’d hope he’s waiting at the bottom to bring me under control.

  14. Christian Simons

    Christian Simons

    天 前

    ¡¡¡WOW Player!!!

  15. Brighty


    天 前

    Maybe I missed it but where was his assist for Rodrigo where he stretched out a foot and then hit it across for Rodrigo to head it in

    • sannox01


      天 前

      Was looking for that one myself too

  16. Adam Baker

    Adam Baker

    天 前

    Amazing have known him for years since first at New York

  17. Graham Walker

    Graham Walker

    天 前

    Get him signed already. ALAW MOT

  18. Asif Ahmmed

    Asif Ahmmed

    天 前


  19. a


    天 前

    Is he staying?

    • PS Chan

      PS Chan

      天 前

      Yes, will be signed permanently from Manchester City for next season.

  20. PhoneContacts - Games

    PhoneContacts - Games

    天 前

    Waiting on Patrick Bamford goals and assists and skills

  21. Dragon Effect

    Dragon Effect

    天 前

    Lad was immense all season. Very rarely went missing in games, almost always had a goal or assist to his name come full time. Works his bollocks off too. Rate him hugely.

  22. kurtisatkins


    2 天 前

    On his game and he's a baller, crazy he didn't even get a look in at the England squad

    • Tikki Tikki Tembo

      Tikki Tikki Tembo

      天 前

      Should have made it over henderson or saka imo

    • Lutfur R11

      Lutfur R11

      天 前

      Ikr and he’s still young

  23. Jake Snow

    Jake Snow

    2 天 前

    Improving in consistency season on season and and absolute steal at £12mil.

  24. lil don

    lil don

    2 天 前

    A real underrated player Lucky to have him MOT!!

  25. Thomas Lloyd

    Thomas Lloyd

    2 天 前

    How does he get raw footballing talent and the looks of a Greek god?

    • Matthew Bell

      Matthew Bell

      天 前

      Indeed, check out his WAG as well. 'Smokin' hot' barely covers it....

  26. Laffo


    2 天 前

    What a player!

  27. Vedant Tiwari

    Vedant Tiwari

    2 天 前

    Jackie Haradona!

  28. 한우진


    2 天 前

    완전영입 가자ㅏㅏㅏ

  29. Ben Brice

    Ben Brice

    2 天 前

    He improves year on year, hope that happens again next season. If only he could sort his finishing out when he's playing RW he'd be like the Gareth Bale we saw at Spurs many years ago. I think his potential is huge. Just needs to work on that consistency! Love him!

  30. Matthew Bell

    Matthew Bell

    2 天 前

    Just think 2 years ago so many of us had Jack Clarke ahead of him now look at their careers since then. JH is a terrific player, reminds me of a young Damien Duff in many ways 👍

    • Shakermaker


      21 小时 前

      More of a Jason Wilcox

  31. BritishFreedom


    2 天 前

    Not as many megs and dribbles this year, but he's still had a good season. Greet character on him too.

    • Mark Wilson

      Mark Wilson

      天 前

      Not a lot of players would pay for extra coaching over the summer for a club they were going on loan to but that’s our Jack between his first and second seasons. He knew finishing was a weakness so he sorted it. Quality attitude from a quality player

  32. Mare Obleet

    Mare Obleet

    2 天 前

    How you managed to condense this man's quality season into a less than 2 minute clip is going to be interesting to see...

    • Mare Obleet

      Mare Obleet

      天 前

      @Sean Pett agreed - this clip did not do him justice.

    • Sean Pett

      Sean Pett

      天 前

      They didn't. Didn't even have that 1-2 first time cross into diving header with Rodrigo for example.