Spotlight | Wonderful assist as Rodrigo shows class against Saints | Southampton 0-2 Leeds United

A focus on Rodrigo as the Spanish forward demonstrated his class at St Mary’s Stadium, showing his quality on the ball including a sublime assist for Patrick Bamford’s 16th goal of the season, helping us to a 2-0 win over Southampton in the Premier League. Presented by AMT Autos.

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  1. ameur djaballah

    ameur djaballah

    16 天 前

    He have world class skills

  2. Hari Kandel

    Hari Kandel

    19 天 前

    Well that's why he's the Spain's number 9

  3. fraudro


    20 天 前

    Can the 2021-2022 season start in june 2021 please EPL? Because I do not know what I m going to so with my life. Leeds had keeps me alive since covid.

  4. Santiago González

    Santiago González

    20 天 前

    That Dallas shot was freakin' amazing

  5. Squad Gaming

    Squad Gaming

    21 天 前

    And they say he is overpriced.

  6. Leo Dragon

    Leo Dragon

    22 天 前

    He’s finally got into top gear now. He’s going to be massive for us next season. Can’t wait!

  7. Daniel Larenas-Rosa

    Daniel Larenas-Rosa

    22 天 前

    What a wonderful player. I hope Rodrigo stays for the next season. Please don't let him go.

  8. JP F

    JP F

    22 天 前

    World class. He could play as a 10 maybe?

  9. Analyse


    22 天 前


  10. brian jessop

    brian jessop

    22 天 前

    great player, needed time to settle in, is it just me or does he never look happy???

  11. 88 Leeds

    88 Leeds

    22 天 前

    What am I going to do with my life after Sunday?

    • your mums knickers

      your mums knickers

      22 天 前

      You could watch Take Us Home again on Amazon.. ? Lol.. 💙💛

  12. Scott Fraser

    Scott Fraser

    22 天 前

    I , He,s No Bad !🤣♥️Leeds Ya Bass ,Looking Forward, Really Excited Leeds Ya Bass, E G L, Edinburgh Gorgie Leeds 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Sniffer Clark ♥️

  13. Docksud Avellaneda

    Docksud Avellaneda

    22 天 前

    Hey , we want rock'n roll music... I'm at disco stu now?

  14. Roger Allan

    Roger Allan

    22 天 前


  15. eric smidt

    eric smidt

    22 天 前

    Batisuta was right. The striker knows how to assist another striker, he knows how the ball must fall for a proper shot.

  16. Marguy Eliel Davodoun

    Marguy Eliel Davodoun

    22 天 前

    Rodrigo is brésilien 🇧🇷?

    • Paul Holmboy

      Paul Holmboy

      22 天 前

      @Pepinyo33 nice info , cheers

    • Pepinyo33


      22 天 前

      He was born in Brazil and moved to Spain very young when his dad, also a footballer, came to Spain to open a football academy with Thiago's dad, Mazinho. Rodrigo is class, I think he will play a big role next season.

  17. Marguy Eliel Davodoun

    Marguy Eliel Davodoun

    22 天 前

    Rodrigo is brésilien 🇧🇷?

  18. Rotluangkima ralte

    Rotluangkima ralte

    22 天 前

    FIFA 80 and gets subbed😕

  19. mark auckland

    mark auckland

    22 天 前

    A class act

  20. Matthew Bell

    Matthew Bell

    22 天 前

    Absolute class player. His second half at Villa away was one of the best by any of our players all season long 👍

  21. sannox01


    22 天 前

    Beautiful football. MOT

  22. Tony Temper

    Tony Temper

    22 天 前

    He looked upset coming off but he should respect Bielsa’s decision. Either way he’s starting to look great and if he stays fit then he starts every game

    • Cockoff Gewgle

      Cockoff Gewgle

      22 天 前

      Attacking players know that the last 20mins when we're winning are a time to fill your boots. We get so many counter attacking opportunities.

  23. Granulated


    22 天 前

    Quality !

  24. HuskyBoy90


    22 天 前

    The last clip highlights just how good he is. Stopping the ball dead and twisting at the same time, then he scans what's going on and quickly lifts it for Bamford. What a player

    • Alan Shepherd

      Alan Shepherd

      22 天 前

      And what a beautifully weighted and accurate pass, threaded through the eye of a needle, and so skillfully slotted home by Bamford!!!😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  25. jimmy righi

    jimmy righi

    22 天 前

    Se enojo con el cambio....

    • martinksk88


      22 天 前

      Es difícil ceder a no jugar de 9 y es difícil tener que salir reemplazado...

  26. villamartinfun


    22 天 前

    Sublime and such ease.

  27. Bone-No Hewson

    Bone-No Hewson

    22 天 前

    Quality MOT

  28. J & J

    J & J

    22 天 前

    He's class hope it continues next season

  29. J & J

    J & J

    22 天 前

    What's the song

  30. Jar0 Head

    Jar0 Head

    22 天 前

    No club has picked up more points in their last 10 matches than Leeds, effectively the final quarter of the entire season. No club has lost fewer matches than Leeds in their last 10 outings and no team has conceded fewer goals than Leeds in their last 10 fixtures. Lets enjoy with fans in elland road this last 38 game of the first season in epl

  31. Manuel M

    Manuel M

    22 天 前

    i just hate this modern music, but i love this modern leeds. Vamos leeds karajo

    • cinnabong


      22 天 前

      preach it man

  32. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith

    22 天 前

    2 class passes from him for the goal, think him and all the new players we've recently bought are pure class, love to see it

    • Roger Allan

      Roger Allan

      22 天 前

      Its a shame our last 9 results don’t reflect the whole season where we would be likely to finish but up to game 29 we never had a full defence to chose from so we were where in the table as a consequence . Our team right now play like they will not be beaten. Bielsa breeds belief, in our club, players, owners and fans. The man they call El Loco is not a mad man but a footballing genius and adored by us worldwide. Marcello we love you. A God at ER. MOT.ALAW.👍. He lives above a sweet shop in Wetherby. He is so humble. What a man.

  33. Jack Whiye

    Jack Whiye

    22 天 前

    Best player on the pitch

  34. Eduardo Daniel Alonso

    Eduardo Daniel Alonso

    22 天 前

    For many better results at Leeds, Rodrigo! Congratulations!

  35. Gideon BETT

    Gideon BETT

    23 天 前

    We need him at arsenal

    • Bryn Hughes Williams

      Bryn Hughes Williams

      22 天 前

      Ha ha ha you need a lot more than him at arsenal 🤣😄😉😀

    • Paul Holmboy

      Paul Holmboy

      22 天 前

      You need a lot more than him. Guess you and Spurs are hoping for mid table next year.

  36. Macefacewindu


    23 天 前

    Rodrigo is pure pure class, if he's getting on the ball in the final 3rd, things are happening

  37. Mark W

    Mark W

    23 天 前

    Proving his class effortlessly, great addition to the lads

  38. Uskilii


    23 天 前

    How can someone not love Rodrigo. God i've missed him, glad to see him back in the team

  39. Abhi Patil

    Abhi Patil

    23 天 前

    Marcelo Biesla is our coach and will definitely be our coach 🔥❤️ love from all the way from India

    • mohit yadav

      mohit yadav

      23 天 前

      MOT leeds, from India!

  40. blindgeorged


    23 天 前

    He was so gutted to be taken off bless him. If we weren’t so man to man I think he’d have had a more positive season. A holiday and a good pre-season will see him come back leaner and meaner. If he gets his pressing sorted I think he will be the new Pablo for sure.

    • HuskyBoy90


      22 天 前

      Tbf it's clear to see he's naturally a number 9/10 type player being asked to play box-to-box. So pressing, tackling and defensive instincts aren't exactly his strengths. I'm hoping we get a pressing and tackling box-to-box machine in the summer, who can give us balance so Rodrigo can do his thing further up the field

    • Ben Turner

      Ben Turner

      23 天 前

      I hope he got over it..... I love rodrigo, and think he's world class. We need to find a place for him every week because when he plays well he elevates us every time with his passing and ability

  41. fortnite memer

    fortnite memer

    23 天 前

    rodrigo is class