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Next up, we travel to St Mary’s Stadium on Tuesday night to face Southampton in the Premier League.

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    24 天 前

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    • Reagan Dylan

      Reagan Dylan

      24 天 前

      Crypto is the new gold

    • Nolan Wyatt

      Nolan Wyatt

      24 天 前

      Most intelligent words I've heard

  2. Pantelis Ninis

    Pantelis Ninis

    24 天 前

    Ole-Ole !! LEDS (Pantelis Ninis,Athens,Greece).

  3. Joseph Threapleton

    Joseph Threapleton

    24 天 前

    We are the people MOT

  4. John Smith

    John Smith

    24 天 前

    2-0 to leeds..ten away wins the most since the title winning review team of 1974! that is a staggering statistic! Liverpool the current champions have only won one more game than us going into the last two games of the season........incredible. But for a little luck and better officiating we are a hairs breadth from being a champions league club!

  5. Docksud Avellaneda

    Docksud Avellaneda

    24 天 前

    El loco bamford is crazy too

  6. Mal Shabani

    Mal Shabani

    24 天 前

    Leeds say in the top half congrats

  7. Docksud Avellaneda

    Docksud Avellaneda

    24 天 前

    El loco Rafinha is insane too

  8. Kris Gordon

    Kris Gordon

    24 天 前

    We take the ultimate risk for the ULTIMATE REWARD!!!! of The Irish Guys Bamford Tattoo

  9. Tomáš Pfleger

    Tomáš Pfleger

    24 天 前

    Yesss! Kiko Casilla!!!

  10. Jamie Miller

    Jamie Miller

    24 天 前

    God help us calamity casilla in goal tonight as well as Cooper playing so we gonna lose

  11. Nathan Jagger

    Nathan Jagger

    25 天 前

    Will never not love that Tony Dorigo scream

  12. roberto carletti

    roberto carletti

    25 天 前


  13. i like to watch

    i like to watch

    25 天 前

    Very proud💛💙

  14. Lynx'


    25 天 前

    Huge Marcelo!!! We miss you so much in the chilean national team. Gonna be your widow forever. VAMOS LEEDS CARAJO!!!!!

  15. Firas Saad

    Firas Saad

    25 天 前

    Why rodrigo is playing St not CAM?

    • Firas Saad

      Firas Saad

      25 天 前

      @Sir Wilhelm Steinwaythank you

    • Sir Wilhelm Steinway

      Sir Wilhelm Steinway

      25 天 前

      It's his natural position, and let's face it he suits it more .

  16. Maureen Tait

    Maureen Tait

    25 天 前

    There is so much I've loved this season.. I'll remember these last two years with absolute pride for all of Leeds supporters,, players, managers, owners, workers, everyone who love Leeds utd..

  17. 양윤영


    25 天 前

    Bampord's goal was amazing~~!♥

  18. steelyman08


    25 天 前

    It's actually live on Peacock! Unbelievable. I hope some affordable entity does a better job next year. What's your prediction? I'll go for Southampton 1-3 Leeds

  19. Matthew Bell

    Matthew Bell

    25 天 前

    Top video that. Watching Raphinhas goal v Everton have only just noticed the Brazilian flag he was aiming at. We need one for the South stand for next season then 😉

  20. DP C

    DP C

    25 天 前

    Couldn’t be prouder of the lads this season it’s been epic, let’s finish it off with the last 2 games with the wins ALAW MOT 💙🤍💛

  21. Bill


    25 天 前

    What a spine-tingling video

  22. WSRLD


    25 天 前

    I wonder if Revie's Leeds or Bielsa's Leeds would win in a match against each other...

    • Maureen Tait

      Maureen Tait

      25 天 前

      @David Houseman 60s was very hard tackles, but 20s is aot more fitness.

    • David Houseman

      David Houseman

      25 天 前

      '60's rules or '20's rules would decide it.

    • Maureen Tait

      Maureen Tait

      25 天 前

      Good point,, I'd say Don review only just though!!,

    • steelyman08


      25 天 前

      Revie's ~ that's if the new Leeds had enough players still alive after 20 mins against Norman Hunter! (-;

  23. Sports Curator

    Sports Curator

    25 天 前

    The Best Game Of The Season For Leeds I Guess It Was Against City. It was a win against all odds .we didn't have possession Didn't take more shots. But came up with a win

  24. Nuel Divine TV

    Nuel Divine TV

    25 天 前

    Lets go get that 3 points boys.....💗💞💗💗

  25. Christopher Wilkinson

    Christopher Wilkinson

    25 天 前

    How to chose a single goal of the season, it’s nigh impossible! Klich against Liverpool just one of soooo many MOT

    • Daz ALAW

      Daz ALAW

      25 天 前

      Nah Dallas winner at City not just the run and goal but the fact it was against the champions elect and the fact we only had 10 men! MOT ALAW.

  26. Analyse


    25 天 前

    What a goal from Rodrigo✨

  27. Gary Hayes

    Gary Hayes

    25 天 前

    Come on Leeds United every win makes you better a draw means you say you've had a bad day at the office to lose we are not going down next season we are going to be in the top 5

  28. Rednax


    25 天 前

    Will never forget that Dallas goal against City 💛💙💛

    • BigSocks


      24 天 前

      He wouldn't, would he? ⚽

    • Smurfy 22

      Smurfy 22

      25 天 前

      Haha which 1?

    • LeedsFanMOT


      25 天 前

      Which one lmao

  29. 1 Din Darbar Tay

    1 Din Darbar Tay

    25 天 前

    ولی اولیا کے دربار دیکھتے رہو شکریہ.Jo

  30. Viewer's Vibranance

    Viewer's Vibranance

    25 天 前

    Who is stronger teams Southampton vs Leeds

    • Steven grime Rose

      Steven grime Rose

      25 天 前

      Leeds all day every day 👊🏻💛💙💛

  31. Philip Anderson

    Philip Anderson

    25 天 前


  32. Charlie Curran

    Charlie Curran

    25 天 前