"Thank you to the fans and the club” | Pablo Hernandez interview | Leeds United 3-1 West Brom

Leeds United legend Pablo Hernandez speaks after his final game for the club, our 3-1 win over West Brom at Elland Road in the Premier League.

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  1. Paul Brennan

    Paul Brennan

    13 天 前

    Sorry to see you go Pablo the Wizard Best goal you scored for the Peacocks 🦚 was at Swansea away that was the first time we beat Swansea away since 1964 when the Legendary Don Revie was manager that Day we won 3.0 we went up as Division 2 champion's and this time we have gone Up as champion's again Back in2019/20 season thanks Pablo for helping us gain promotion again to the big league at least you played for us in the Premier League for us I was in bits when you And Beradie the 🦁 lion came off always in our hearts All Leeds aren't we 2 top notch Gent's Up the Peacocks 🦚

  2. Jack Pridmore

    Jack Pridmore

    15 天 前

    that goal against swansea still gives me goosebumps . What a legend . ALAW 💙

  3. Darren Ramsden

    Darren Ramsden

    16 天 前

    What an absolute hero, he'll be sadly missed, but all the very best Pab thank you for everything 💛💙💛💙

  4. Arian Shervin

    Arian Shervin

    16 天 前

    He is legend and truly helped us to get back on premier league 💛💛💙💙🤍🤍

  5. football for life !!!

    football for life !!!

    16 天 前


  6. Ryan Craddy

    Ryan Craddy

    17 天 前

    Gutted he's going . Hopfully he comes back I'm a coaching roll. Does anyone know where he's going ? 🤔

  7. Chris Jameson

    Chris Jameson

    17 天 前

    Going to miss you so much Mr Hernandez. All the way from Brisbane Australia. Thank You Thank You Thank You. Look forward to telling my children what you did for the club, myself and fellow supporters.

  8. Neil Laycock

    Neil Laycock

    17 天 前


  9. Yorkie263


    18 天 前

    His place in our history will never be forgotten, class player and total gentleman as well. I wish him all the very best and he will also get a warm welcome if he returns.

  10. Clive Bennett

    Clive Bennett

    18 天 前

    I've been a Leeds fan since 1964. He's up there with the best. He could easily have played with Bremner, strachan, McAllister Giles no problem

  11. Gary Hillman

    Gary Hillman

    18 天 前

    It was billy and Johnny giles and Norman , then batty Strachan mcallister , then Pablo n phillips will now join that list as greats

  12. Gary Hillman

    Gary Hillman

    18 天 前

    I’ve never seen a player nutmeg players making it look so easy. I read he does this all day in proper training matches

  13. Gary Hillman

    Gary Hillman

    18 天 前

    All good things come to an end. Let’s hope this is now the start of a new glory era like Don Revie had , time for some more trophies in the next few years and good trips around Europe again .

    • Jonathan Hadley

      Jonathan Hadley

      14 天 前

      Gary Hillman Hopefully with Freedom to travel:-)

  14. Cold Water Storage Ltd

    Cold Water Storage Ltd

    18 天 前

    We love you Pablo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Reakriot Games

    Reakriot Games

    19 天 前

    Miss u Pablo 😢

  16. Simon Fanthorpe

    Simon Fanthorpe

    19 天 前

    Football legend is often a misused term, however in the case of Pablo, it hardly does him justice. Pablo take a bow, a true Leeds legend, never to be forgotten.

  17. Granulated


    19 天 前

    Thanks Pabs. Maybe come back as a coach or even manager one day ?

  18. Mrinal dutta

    Mrinal dutta

    19 天 前

    Such a great heritage , great club with great individuals.

  19. Barry White

    Barry White

    19 天 前

    Thanks Pablo absolute legend MOT

  20. KunioKun


    19 天 前

    Genio total Pablito, un grande

  21. Ufferock


    19 天 前

    MOT Pablo we love you

  22. Martin Lewis

    Martin Lewis

    19 天 前

    3 dislikes? Probably because it’s a club legend leaving… 💛💙🤍

  23. Owen Mccall

    Owen Mccall

    19 天 前

    Who is cutting onions? 😥 he is going to be missed so so much what a player and what a man he has been for leeds! Through our darkest times and to our most successful.. Thankyou pablo (el magico) we will never forget you!! 🤍💙💛

  24. D K

    D K

    19 天 前

    What an amazing servant to the club. Pure class on the pitch and a humble gentleman off the pitch. We wouldn't be back in the Premier League without him. MoT from Western Australia

  25. Ricky Jensen

    Ricky Jensen

    19 天 前

    No need to thank us Pablo its we that say thanks to your 2016/2021 time in leeds

  26. Alex Mearns

    Alex Mearns

    19 天 前

    I love you Pablo, thanks for everything

  27. Russell Frost

    Russell Frost

    19 天 前

    Heart felt Gratitude. Good luck and God bless

  28. Osman Alud

    Osman Alud

    19 天 前

    Marcelo Bielsa Marcelo Bielsa Marcelo Bielsa orgullo latino maestro integridad honor honestidad y dedicación de un GRANDE Bielsa In Bielsa we trust

  29. napathom napathom

    napathom napathom

    19 天 前


  30. GTXFn Cycling

    GTXFn Cycling

    19 天 前

    Yesterday was perfect. Pablo's effort with that scorpion touch to volley spectacular... imagine if that had've gone in?!

  31. Mansion Tech

    Mansion Tech

    19 天 前

    We All Love Pablo Hernandes legend

  32. Rahman Ramli

    Rahman Ramli

    19 天 前

    I became Leeds fan because of Pablo Hernandez and Bielsa...

  33. Lil Douglas

    Lil Douglas

    19 天 前

    LEGEND 💛💙💛💙

  34. Jamie Miller

    Jamie Miller

    19 天 前

    A fantastic player and a great servant to the club he will now have God like status just like Becchio♥️♥️♥️

  35. Jonathan Hadley

    Jonathan Hadley

    19 天 前

    I think that it would have been good for Pablo Hernandez to have joined the coaching team

    • Jonathan Hadley

      Jonathan Hadley

      14 天 前

      Gracias Pablo Hernandez;-)

  36. Andrés Martín Girardo

    Andrés Martín Girardo

    19 天 前

    Pablo looks like a 60 year old guy. Those years in the Championship have left their mark.

  37. steve LUFC64

    steve LUFC64

    19 天 前

    Thank you pablo

  38. Shamim Alom

    Shamim Alom

    19 天 前

    Actually have tears in my eyes. Pablo you are legends as long as Leeds Utd survive you wil be immortal for us,Te quiero,teo!

  39. 1969OEL


    19 天 前

    - Wilko had Strachan in '90. Bielsa had Pablo in '20. When Leeds history is written Hernandez name will be in golden letters. Thank you for the memories.💛💙

  40. Leo Dragon

    Leo Dragon

    19 天 前

    Forever Leeds Pablo. Always in our hearts. THANK YOU!

  41. Gone Racing

    Gone Racing

    19 天 前

    Man has written his own chapter in the club's history. Mad respect and best wishes.

  42. Joshua Stafford

    Joshua Stafford

    19 天 前

    The second the ref blew that whistle I knew it was one final goodbye and they was going off before any subs was being made and I was already crying

  43. GamEsport Do RST

    GamEsport Do RST

    19 天 前


  44. Unnamed Shadow

    Unnamed Shadow

    19 天 前

    Its shame he had that tantrum about being subbed during that Leicester game. Had he not done that, i am sure he would've played much more games on his final season.

  45. Dan Ginn

    Dan Ginn

    19 天 前

    What a hero. Unbelievable player. A true club legend. Thank you Pablo.

  46. James 84

    James 84

    19 天 前


  47. tony gonzalez

    tony gonzalez

    19 天 前

    greetings from Argentina!!!!

  48. Liam Atack

    Liam Atack

    19 天 前

    My favourite player we wouldn't be in the prem without Pablo

  49. Analyse


    19 天 前

    Thank you Pablo👏😣

  50. north lad

    north lad

    19 天 前

    Fantastic guy and player thank you Pablo you are a Leeds legend!

  51. baz frearson

    baz frearson

    19 天 前

    Never will he be forgotten. Forever in Leeds history. Dare I say a legend in the modern history of the club, I think so. Thanx & best wishes fe tha future, Hernandez. Let’s not forget Berardi, too. I reckon Berardi was watched videos of Leeds of the 70s. The team whom arguably created the Leeds blueprint of style of play, hard, a “bit” dirty & took it to heart, before he joined. Players (Hard men) like Potter, (1929-34), Charles, Lorimer, Hunter, Smith, Harris, Bremner, Charlton, Jordan, Horath, Gray, Clarke, Giles, Batty, Speed, & Jones. Barardis name goes on that list, & he’s MORE than earned it. I love the mad Swiss fella. I miss him already. Haven’t seen him play in ages. (Until today). He was willing to bleed & die fe his shirt EVERY game. Loved watching him “play”. Def miss seeing his exploits. He reminded me of Don Revie’s, & Billy Bremner Leeds.(although Revie left Leeds the year before I was born, showing my age, eh. Ssshhh!) lol. Both players will be missed, but their memory will always bring a smile. I always rewatch Barardis tackles. Best wishes to both & thanx fe the memory’s.

  52. ประยุทธ จันทรุปราคา

    ประยุทธ จันทรุปราคา

    19 天 前

    Thank you and Goodluck Super Pablo

  53. hutchmusician


    19 天 前

    Sad to see him go, but what a superb high to end his career on. Thank you Pablo, you’ll never pay for a drink in Leeds as long as you live.

  54. Kane


    19 天 前

    my best player by far

  55. rg13dht0xsl


    19 天 前

    Thank you so much Pablo, you will be missed! Leeds United Legend!

  56. Paul Holt

    Paul Holt

    19 天 前

    Pre- Beilsa, Pablo was the shining light in the dire tactics of many manager's. Thanks for the ever lasting memory

  57. Super Nintendo Mii

    Super Nintendo Mii

    19 天 前

    Thanks for everything pablo, you absolute legend ❤️

  58. Chris E

    Chris E

    19 天 前

    Can’t believe he’s going we’d be nothing without him!

  59. Andrew Clavin

    Andrew Clavin

    19 天 前

    Without him we would be playing huddersfield still

  60. jp


    19 天 前

    Un hincha del RAYO VALLECANO te despide del gran Leeds, Pablo. Gracias por tanto.

  61. Grit Cheetham

    Grit Cheetham

    19 天 前

    If you wear the colour's and you only bleed white MOT to you and from Pablo a good night

    • Grit Cheetham

      Grit Cheetham

      19 天 前

      @Douglas Lancaster he does

    • Douglas Lancaster

      Douglas Lancaster

      19 天 前

      Berra bleeds for Leeds too!!!!

  62. Harriet Lumb

    Harriet Lumb

    19 天 前

    I’m nearly crying

  63. Dan Whitaker

    Dan Whitaker

    19 天 前

    Why couldn’t we have got the penalty while he was still on the pitch 😭😭 thanks for everything pablo ALAW

  64. Neil Murray

    Neil Murray

    19 天 前


  65. Amex 50

    Amex 50

    19 天 前

    Pablo the legend ...

  66. this that

    this that

    19 天 前

    Gracias Pablo great game as always today

  67. Sam Greasley

    Sam Greasley

    19 天 前

    We love you Pablo gonna miss the games with out your magic passes and magic goals hope you do well where ever you end up and for how long you play good luck and you always welcome in Leeds MOT and Pablo hernandez Pablo hernandez played for united he's a legend

  68. Joseph Threapleton

    Joseph Threapleton

    19 天 前

    I love you man will never forget you legends MOT

  69. Sergeant Sodom

    Sergeant Sodom

    19 天 前

    Not gonna lie, a tear rolling down my face for both Berardi and my man Pablo- what fucking heroes and Pabs has been my favourite player for the past few years. No-one will match his crosses, or the impact he had on our team getting back to where we belong. Thankyou Pabs and Berardi. MOT 💛💙🤍

  70. GetTheFEKIR


    19 天 前

    Always be a legend

  71. Seve Sellors

    Seve Sellors

    19 天 前

    Muchas Gracios Pablo!

  72. Oliver Gilhooly

    Oliver Gilhooly

    19 天 前

    Of course I can not sign off without a nod to "The Warrior" huge thanks to our Beradi too. Crunching tackle or red card he's our boy. Every team needs a Beradi 💪

  73. Colin Ings

    Colin Ings

    19 天 前

    Bless you Pablo, we'd still be toiling in that rotten league without your efforts last season, a game changer you were indeed. That goal v Swansea! All the best in whatever you decide to do in the future.

  74. BizzR YT

    BizzR YT

    19 天 前

    Pablo if ever you or Mar read this... you will always have a home in Leeds. Good luck to your futures we wish you the best 🔵🟡

  75. Oliver Gilhooly

    Oliver Gilhooly

    19 天 前

    Oh how I cried today. Ta ra lad we'll miss you. Must have watched THAT Swansea goal 200 times today. Thank you Pablo, forever a Leeds legend. 💪

  76. Matías Espinosa

    Matías Espinosa

    19 天 前

    Que grande Pablo Hernández!

  77. Dominic Barstow

    Dominic Barstow

    19 天 前


  78. Steve Atkinson

    Steve Atkinson

    19 天 前

    One of the greatest ever players for Leeds...all the very best Pablo 👍👍

  79. Callie Ford

    Callie Ford

    19 天 前

    U will be missed pablo

  80. Le fosh

    Le fosh

    19 天 前

    We love you the wizard 💙💛💙💛💙💛

  81. Micky Leeds

    Micky Leeds

    19 天 前

    We love u pablo I was crying today cud feel your love ❤️

  82. Chris 2021

    Chris 2021

    19 天 前

    Fuckin legend.......💛💙💛💙💛

  83. mike Yeo

    mike Yeo

    19 天 前

    True leeds legend allways gave 100 % will miss this magician wish you all the best Pablo

  84. mark johny5*

    mark johny5*

    19 天 前

    No words can describe how gutted i am my fav player over years🥺

  85. Wagwanpiffting 1234

    Wagwanpiffting 1234

    19 天 前

    Once leeds always leeds💛💙

  86. ApriliaGuy1969


    19 天 前

    All the best for the future, been a pure pleasure to see you play for Leeds MOT.

  87. David Thomas

    David Thomas

    19 天 前

    Class player all the best Pablo

  88. Max H

    Max H

    19 天 前

    Signed off his Leeds career with nutmegs galore in true Pablo fashion. What.A.Legend

  89. You get me blood

    You get me blood

    19 天 前

    Great player thanks pablo 👏

  90. roger wilson

    roger wilson

    19 天 前

    Hernandez the wizard thank you for everything without you we would not be where we are today

  91. John Smith

    John Smith

    19 天 前

    Wow the fans are fantastic

  92. Espen Liebak

    Espen Liebak

    19 天 前

    So sad😔

  93. Carl Dyson

    Carl Dyson

    19 天 前

    Love Pablo Leeds legend going to miss him

  94. L G

    L G

    19 天 前

    Pablo will be remembered for many many years at Elland Road, great player and a gentleman. Thank you Senor Hernandez MOT.

  95. MadGamingDude


    19 天 前

    We need him around the club. Dont mind what job. Mot

  96. Kopcat09


    19 天 前

    Going to miss Hernandez one of the players i have liked for 5 years. Going to miss you fella, Good luck to your future and hope we will see you again in the STANDS at ELLAND ROAD.

  97. Broken Native

    Broken Native

    19 天 前

    Pablo you will always be in my heart forever. Thank you so much for all the memories what a pleasure it’s been over the past 5 years I was annoyed you was brought off today it should of been you on the penalty just one last time for us . God bless you and all your family have a safe and healthy life you was majestic for Leeds . Gracias Pablo

  98. Istiyk Khan

    Istiyk Khan

    19 天 前

    Leeds will rising

  99. Sean Cook

    Sean Cook

    19 天 前

    Fucking hell for 8000 fans I could barely hear Pablo 🤣🤣🤣

  100. jimmie 89

    jimmie 89

    19 天 前

    I'm a 32 year old male that never cries but that was one of the most emotional send offs I've ever witnessed. Mot pablo

    • Nightcrawler


      17 天 前

      @Douglas Lancaster Bielsa will be the worst one

    • Aman Sandher

      Aman Sandher

      19 天 前

      @Douglas Lancaster cant even think about that atm

    • Douglas Lancaster

      Douglas Lancaster

      19 天 前

      I’m 22, and never felt this way about a player, him and Berra just embody Leeds. When Dallas and Phillips leave I don’t know how we’d react